How to make changes to your pages built in Elementor.

Published on: 16-Aug 03:43am

Bigg digital Support

Published on - 16-Aug 03:43am

If you want to be serious and economical about your Ecommerce website then it's often good to go with an Elementor + Woocommerce mix. 

At Bigg Digital, we make sure to provide our users with as much information to get them going on their journey to Ecommerce success! 

So, let's get right into it. 

  1. How do I change my banner?

1 i) Firstly, go to your Dashboard (Or type in to access your default dashboard.

1 ii) Go to Slider Editor

1 iii) Click image 

1 iiii) Click Change and then Upload New Image.


    2. How do I add a product?

2 i)

2 ii)

2 iii)

2 iiii)

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